Isabelle Métropes repertoire encompasses a wide range, from the multifaceted œuvre by Heinrich Schütz to Lieder by Alban Berg and contemporary French songs. She premiered several vocal works by Gordon Kampe (*1976) and Jan Kopp (*1971) among others. Isabelle Métrope performs as a soloist in major choir works by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Mozart and Haendel as well as within chamber choirs and small ensembles. She is specialised in the field of ancient music, some of her areas of expertise is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, whose works she has been performing with renowned conductors like Helmuth Rilling and Hans-Christoph Rademann (b minor Mass, Saint Matthew Passion, Motets…) and the vocal works of Heinrich Schütz (Musikalische Exequien, kleine geistliche Konzerte…).

Sie ist Mitglied im figure humaine kammerchor, im Kammerchor Stuttgart und im europäischen Kammerchor Cythera.